Real Estate- Not for everyone, but it's certainly for me!

Posted by Amethyst Green on May 2, 2023

Real Estate- Not for everyone, but it's certainly for me!

As I sipped my coffee during a catch-up session with my girlfriends, a few of them expressed an interest in getting into the real estate industry. They see me beaming with joy at every turn and with every client and the stories I tell, and they think to themselves, "Hmm, maybe it's for me too." But the truth is, real estate is not all reality TV glamor and big commission checks.

Did you know that as a REALTOR®, I am my own business owner? That compensation number on a settlement statement or a TV show is just the tip of the iceberg. Out of that compensation, I pay my brokerage, taxes, licensing fees, errors and omissions coverage, insurance, retirement, healthcare, expenses, marketing, photography, staging, repairs, and anything else that I might need to pay for. So, in the end... well, you get the point. 

But here's the thing: you have to love this work to do it. You have to love seeing the client's face light up when they own a home for the first time. You have to love fighting for legislation that keeps homeownership a part of family generational wealth. You have to love educating people about the process and the gaps. All of that is what outweighs the final dollar amount - and that's the REALTOR® we should be. 

It might seem like I don’t sweat, but seriously— I’ve been locked out of houses by clients, stepped in dog poop, helped physically move when their friends ditched them, completed landscaping and repairs, and shown houses in the wee hours of the night for clients who work the second shift and have moved mountains to get the deal done.  I've navigated through all kinds of emotions, and personality styles, and with an ever-growing litigation society, you really never know what a transaction can bring— all for the tears of joy, smiles, and to support a client in their real estate journey to wealth.  

You also have to thrive on never really knowing when your next paycheck will come or when the market will ebb and flow, there’s nothing consistent about this business. In fact, most people leave the industry within the first two years because the only thing consistent about it is that it's inconsistent. But there's something about that inconsistency that drives me to do more and be better for my clients.  We’re all not the same, you know.  The mastery of negotiation (I’m talking bulldog style), and analytics of the market are not everyone’s forte. You have to love the data and stay educated on the economy and up to date on all the legalities and contracts.  

Meeting new people brings me so much joy - I love hearing their stories and becoming an advocate for their dreams of buying or selling their homes. 

So, all in all, you have to love this work - and I mean REALLY love it— like I do. And if you do, then come on over, my fellow REALTOR®. 


Cheers in Real Estate!