Home Updates & Tax Credits: A Path Towards Cleaner Energy and Equity Growth 

Posted by Amethyst Green on January 27, 2023

Home Updates & Tax Credits: A Path Towards Cleaner Energy and Equity Growth 

More consumers are becoming aware and looking for options and benefits of using recycled materials and clean energy upgrades— Homes have never had so much potential.  Growing in equity and desirability— your simple water heater update has a more energy-efficient solution than before, now with a tax credit. 

Here is a great example of more home energy-efficient upgrades: 

  • Heat pump heating and cooling 
  • Heat pump appliances, such as dryer 
  • Heat pump water heater 
  • EV car home stations 
  • Solar panels 
  • Wind turbine 
  • Eco-friendly insulation 
  • Electricity over gas 


We now have a tax credit for homeowners connected to The Inflation Reduction Act.  

The Inflation Reduction Act is a proposed piece of legislation that aims to address the issue of rising prices and the negative impact that inflation has on the economy and individuals. One key provision of the Act is the promotion of clean energy sources, such as solar and wind power, as a means of reducing reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing the overall cost of energy.

The use of clean energy sources has many benefits, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. Additionally, as the cost of clean energy technology continues to decrease, it is becoming a more financially viable option for both businesses and individuals. By encouraging the use of clean energy through various incentives and regulations, the Inflation Reduction Act hopes to not only address the issue of inflation opportunities for skilled workers. Investing in clean energy is not only good for the environment, but it can also lead to economic growth and improved living standards for individuals.

Several tax credits are available this year for homeowners.  If you are looking to make an update for the home, check to see if you qualify for a tax credit.  



— Written by Amethyst Green | GREEN Designated REALTOR®